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24-hour windscreen repair services

Chipped windscreen? Call us any time and we'll repair it for you. Here at Reading Autoglaze we don't just offer a windscreen repair service, we can also completely replace a windscreen - all at a time that suits you.

Full ATA accredited specialists

With full ATA accreditation, Reading Autoglaze are experts within their field. Amongst working on all types of motor vehicles, we work for independent manufacturers such as BMW, Mercedes and Porsche.
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Windscreen repair

Windscreen repair

Here at Reading Autoglaze, we are experts in all aspects of windscreen repairs. Whether it's a chip or a crack, we'll provide a service you can trust, direct to you, at any time. We can repair:
  • front windscreens
  • heated rear windows
  • commercial vehicle windscreens
  • lorry windscreens
Windscreen replacement

Windscreen replacement

If it's a full windscreen replacement that you need, our specialist team  are here for you. You can call us any time and we'll replace:
  • front windscreens
  • heated rear windscreens
  • door glasses
  • QTR lights

All materials used by Reading Autoglaze are of OEM quality to ensure the safest and most effective windscreen repair for your vehicle.
If you're in need of windscreen repair or replacement, are experts at Reading Autoglaze are here for you. Don't hesitate to call us at any time, we're here 24 hours for you.  Call us now on
07944 574 475

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